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moneybunnie's Journal

神山 ユカ Kamiyama Yuka
29 October
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Name:神山 ユカ (Kamiyama Yuka)
DOB:October 29
Birthplace:埼玉県,, JPN
Current location:東京都, JPN
Eye color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Height:167 cm (5ft. 6in.)
Piercings:No, I do not.
Tattoos:No, it is unacceptable.
Band/Singer:Frédéric François Chopin
Song:Piano Sonata No. 14 "Quasi una fantasia", Beethoven
Genre of Music:I listen to classical, however I enjoy celtic music as well.
TV show(s):I do not watch television for recreation.
Movie(s):I do not follow modern cinemas and dramas.
Food:Matcha Fruit Bavarois
Store:My assistant takes care of my shopping requirements.
Drink:Romanee Conti Red Burgundy (Wine)
Clothing Brand:Alberta Ferretti
Shoe Brand:Prada
Animal:I am partial to felines.
Pizza topping:I do not eat unhealthy foods.
Holiday:Doll's Festival
This or That:
Sunny or rainy:Sunny
Chocolate or vanilla:Vanilla
Fruit or veggie:Fruit
Night or day:Day
Sour or sweet:Sweet
Love or money:Money
Phone or in person:In Person
Poor & happy or rich & miserable:Rich & Miserable
Looks or personality:Both are equally important qualities.
Coffee or tea:Tea
Hot or cold:Hot
Goal for this year:To properly complete Paganini's "Caprice #24".
Most missed memory:All memories are precious.
Best physical feature:I maintain proper care of my hair and skin.
First thought waking up:I must check my newly appointed schedule.
Do you wanna get married:Yes, I shall be married to a correct suitor.
Do you wanna have kids:Yes, it is expected.
If so, how many:One, perferrably.
Do you wanna go to college:東京大学 (Todai) or 慶應義塾大 (Keio)
What do you want to be:CEO of my father's company.
Do You:
Dance in the rain:Certainly not.
Smoke:It is not healthy.
Drink:I am only allowed to consume wine.
Shower daily:Yes, as proper.
Like thunderstorms:They do not bother me.
Curse:Cussing is a sign of poor education.
Sing:No, I cannot.
Play an instrument:I play the violin.
Think you are good looking:My appearance is well maintained.
Get along with your parents:I am well behaved, yes.
Other Questions:
Can you whistle:No, I cannot.
Right or left handed:I am right handed.
Your bedtime:10:33pm
Biggest fear:That I will not live up to my father's expectations.
3 things you can't live without:My scheduling device and my gold card. I require nothing else.
Color of your room:Red
Siblings:I have no siblings.
Middle name:
Pets:Our family has two cats: タジ Taji (Bengal) & ケイ Kei (Persian)
Nicknames:I do not use nicknames.
If you could be anywhere right now where would you be:I would practice for upcoming recitals.
Do you wear contacts/glasses:No, I do not.
Are you afraid of the dark:No, I am not.